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The Network Team offers a range of resources for successful remote work, including online training, security protocols, wellness monitoring, and team-building activities. These tools are designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and work-life balance, all within a scalable and cost-effective framework.

Develop & Learn

The Network Team offers a range of resources to support remote work, including bite-sized training videos, conference calling tips, wellness sessions, team bonding activities like monthly pub quizzes, and basic DSE (Display Screen Equipment) check-ups. These offerings aim to ensure a safe, ergonomic, and productive workspace for remote employees.

Safe & Well

The Network Team offers a holistic approach to remote work, encompassing bite-sized training, online safety measures, professional meeting tools, Office 365 monitoring, Pro Zoom accounts with training, regular pub quizzes, and comprehensive DSE health checks. These solutions prioritize productivity, security, and employee well-being..

At Home hero

Network Team prioritizes a secure and healthy remote work environment through comprehensive training, safety tools, meeting platforms, monitoring, and health checks. Additionally, it offers quarterly remote Escape Rooms, fitness sessions, and a weekly pub quiz to foster a vibrant and engaging remote work culture that enhances productivity and morale.

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Network Team is designed to help make sure you and your data is protected and your computer runs it’s best. The
network Access provides is valuable.