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IT Infrastructure.

Looking to update your IT infrastructure to match evolving business needs? Considering building a new system from scratch?

At Network Team, our personalized consulting, extensive IT experience, business acumen, and technical proficiency ensure a custom infrastructure design that seamlessly fits your current and future requirements.


What is IT Infrastructure?

IT infrastructure encompasses all the hardware, software, networks, and services vital for managing an IT environment effectively. Depending on a business’s size and type, this infrastructure may be internal or outsourced to IT specialists.

Whether it’s a new design or an upgrade, a significant financial investment may be necessary. Hence, it’s crucial that any IT infrastructure design closely aligns with business objectives. Evaluation should cover these key areas:

  1. Hardware: Includes servers, computers, data centers, switches, hubs, and routers.
  2. Software: Encompasses operating systems, drivers, utility software, productivity applications, and company-specific software.
  3. Network: Encompasses network enablement, internet connectivity, WiFi, firewall, and security.
  4. Personnel: Comprises network administrators, developers, designers, and end users with access to IT appliances or services.

A complete end-to-end Iprocess

Curve IT’s consultants meticulously follow a comprehensive process to tailor the ideal IT infrastructure to your unique needs.

  1. Understanding business goals: We deeply explore your business’s requirements, objectives, and future plans, ensuring the proposed IT infrastructure not only supports but enhances your business operations.
  2. Design and modeling: We develop virtual models of the IT network architecture, presenting the optimal IT infrastructure solution.
  3.  Technology recommendations: We propose suitable IT hardware and software, along with designs for communication rooms, data cabling, voice and TV cabling, and wired/wireless networking.
  4. Scans and schematics: We perform WiFi scans, mobile signal surveys, and create schematics to assess additional infrastructure needs for employees, customers, and other key users.
  5.  Project management: Our team provides comprehensive project management, handling tasks such as leased-line tendering, budgeting, scheduling, and coordinating project stakeholders.

We can collaborate with your in-house IT team as consultants or deliver a fully outsourced project.