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Cloud desktops for any size business.

Launch our new Azure Hosted Desktops! Secure, cloud-based work from anywhere.

What is Azure Hosted Desktop?

Access your personal Windows 11 desktop and applications from any device with an internet connection using Azure Hosted Desktops. It’s like having your own PC in the cloud, offering the familiar look and feel of a desktop with all your data stored securely on remote servers.

Why are hosted desktops beneficial?

Work from anywhere! Azure Hosted Desktops bring your Windows experience to any device with internet.

Ditch the bulky hardware

No more bulky desktops! Azure Hosted Desktops run in the cloud.

Work from anywhere, anytime

Enjoy full work flexibility with any device and internet access.

Boost security and productivity

Azure, developed by Microsoft, is a cloud computing service designed to construct infrastructures and overseeing services.

Upgrade your workspace

Experience a modern Windows 11 desktop, replacing outdated systems.

How it works!

Enable remote productivity with Azure Hosted Desktops: Access your familiar Windows environment from anywhere. Seamlessly run essential business applications like Microsoft Office and QuickBooks on any internet-connected device. Experience the convenience of your PC in the cloud, maximizing functionality without the bulk.